Thursday, 4 October 2012

Melissa Kempf

“Escaping The Current” 
Connected Arts Project 
Philip Schmidt & Melissa Kempf

In this project the Harlequin duck escapes its surroundings as shown in Philip Schmidt’s photograph through a three dimensional reflection in soapstone by Melissa Kempf.  This Connected Arts Project explores the similarities between 2D and 3D visual art with their use of fundamental elements such as colour, line, texture.  It exemplifies how two artists see one subject so uniquely individual.  For Kempf “Escaping The Current” not only represents the action of the subject matter, but also that of the artists.  Both have created a piece in very different medium with an emphasis on exploring the connection from one work to another.  One element draws on the other, side by side. Schmidt’s Harlequin ducks rest safely from the rushing waters around them.  Stone like and confident in their own actions.  Contrastingly, Kempf’s duck depicts the weaker and more vulnerable side.  One in which the subject’s surroundings have nearly taken over.  In her work some areas are un-definable as to what is the current and what is not.  Special thank you to John Novak for the creation of the stand which units the two works of art.

One subject, two artists - Two expressions of art, One Connected Arts Project.

written by:
Melissa Kempf
Resident Artist
 Art Gallery of Lambeth

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