Monday, 8 October 2012

Gayle Yanch

For this show I have been working on images from a trip I  made to Canyon Lake Ontario. I have selected a few images of my trip that I hope to use to create a collection of works. Since working on these pieces it has ispired me to create more landscapes, work in mixed media and smaller sizes. I have always loved working with pen & ink and watercolor so I decided to combine the 2 styles and just enjoy the moment, refrain from too much detail and scale down the size. I use Windsor Newton 140lb. cold press watercolor paper, rapidograph refillable pens, and watercolor paints.  After I have cut the paper to the approx. size I tape it to a board and wet the board down with clean water. This process allows to rid of the sizing put on the paper and stretches the paper to help with buckling if I use too many washes. After the paper dries I transfer my rough sketch onto the paper and begin with any washes needed and then with my pen & ink. As long as I have my ideas together I have no fear of what happens when I start on the paper.

You have asked what does "Escape" mean to me? To me it is my time away into my little world of art. It is my time I am able to relax, be at piece and just let my mind wonder. Whether it be out photographing reference material for a project someday, sketching ideas for the next piece of artwork or just dabbling away at my drafting table it is my time for relaxing and tuning out the world around me. 

written by:
Gayle Yanch
Resident Artist • Art Gallery of Lambeth

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