Monday, 15 October 2012

Marianne Morris

For me, music is the ultimate escape. It sets the tone, influences the mood... changing the soundtrack can change everything. My "Escape" paintings are a series of musicians, playing alone or in a group, interpretive but not portraits. I try to reflect how picking up an instrument can make you lose yourself... how the music, the musician and the instrument are each a part of the same whole.
Each canvas starts with a photograph and a piece of music. The backgrounds are painted intuitively, the soundtrack providing the inspiration. I use whatever tool strikes me in the moment: sometimes paint is applied with a brush, but often it is my hands, a kitchen utensil, or a pastel used to create the marks. The photograph is used for reference as the musician emerges from the background, final touches adding the details to the figure. I choose a title reflective of the initial musical inspiration.

written by:
Marianne Morris
Resident Artist • Art Gallery of Lambeth

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