Monday, 22 February 2016

Elisabeth Hoffmann, Resident Artist and Instructor

The AGL would like to introduce one of its newest Resident Artists and Instructor to join us for 2016. 

Elisabeth actually became part of our AGL Family in November of 2015 as an Instructor.  We loved her work so much that we invited her to become one of our amazing Resident Artists.

Elisabeth Hoffmann was born in Germany and immigrated to Canada with her parents and three younger sisters in 1967.  She grew up surrounded by art and music.  Her father is an accomplished artist who has painted throughout his entire life and who successfully continues his craft today.  All of her siblings are connected to the art world through interior design, graphic art, architecture and painting.  

A lawyer by trade, Elisabeth stayed home to raise her three sons after her youngest was born.  As her children got older, she pursued various artistic interests including interior decorating and, occasionally, painting.  She struggled to find her groove but it wasn't until a move to the country and its consequent embedment in nature that Elisabeth found her passion and talent for the abstract.  She embraced the fine art of acrylic painting with vengeance and purpose.  

A further move in 2013, enabled Elisabeth to continue to hone her craft surrounded by the beauty of the nature that feeds her soul.  Since early 2015, she has used an acrylic pouring medium, a product that allows the paint to flow and is thereby a perfect match for her love of intense movement and colour.  It also enables her to pour her soul, as it were, onto the canvas, a process that is immensely therapeutic and liberating.

In addition to artist, Elisabeth is an intuitive self-awareness coach.  Through her life experience and continual journey into her own self-awareness, she has come to understand that moving forward in any area of our lives starts with our most important relationship - the one we have with ourselves.  Self-awareness creates clarity and wisdom from where all else flows.  Elisabeth facilitates her clients' journeys into self-awareness by intuitively directing and helping them access and tap into the wisdom they already have available to them in their own hearts.  When we are overwhelmed or struggling or in need of direction because we don't know what to do or where to turn, her self-awareness coaching directs us to what our hearts and souls are trying to communicate to us about the potential avenues to illuminating and clarifying those dilemmas.

Watch for Elisabeth's classes coming up soon at the AGL Studio. To see more of Elisabeth’s fabulous work up close and personal, come by the Art Gallery of Lambeth.  

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