Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Welcome - William Prettie, Resident Artist 2016

Light From a Jazz Saxophone #2

The AGL would like to introduce another of its newest Resident Artists to join us in 2016.

William Prettie has recently returned to London, Ontario after spending almost 7 years working at a diamond mine in the Northwest Territories.

William was born in Southern Ontario and has lived and worked all across Canada. He has traveled all across North America and some of Europe, including an extended stay in the lovely city of Prague.

Light From a Jazz Saxophone #1

This art is predominantly ideas based, and influenced
by sociological and philosophical ideas as much as the awe
engendered in the observation of nature. 

William takes seriously the rights and responsibilities
accorded to the designation ‘artist’, and so is constantly
pushing and challenging established boundaries in an attempt
to create each piece as a unique entity.

In William's own words:
All of these life experiences have contributed to my art practice over the decades and, of course, to the underlying understandings that have been built up. My understandings are not only intellectually attained, but also come from the fact of working physically, and especially from working with others who do the same.

See more of William's work

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