Thursday, 26 September 2013

Doors Open 2013 -- Saturday September 28 and Sunday September 29

The AGL is please to have some very talented artists visiting the gallery.  Rebecca Gillen and Paula Mould will be exhibiting at our gallery until January 2014.  Come in and see their outstanding work.

Rebecca Gillen
First Snow on Pittock Lake
Summer Fields
Rebecca is an intuitive painter. She paints from her memories and emotion. She falls in love with what she sees and take the experience on to the canvas. 

She studied art and design earlier in life, but started seriously painting in 2005 after taking classes at Emily Carr in Vancouver.

Paula Mould

Washed Up
Encaustic painting is an ancient form of painting using hot wax. It's
experiencing a recent revival and it's easy to see why: it appeals to all
senses of the artist. Hot wax, especially beeswax, smells heavenly. Adding oil paint to that wax, changes the paint and makes it silky. There's a sense of adventure because an element of control has to be surrendered to the medium, unlike every other medium out there. Wax just doesn't always behave the way one would expect. Artists who surrender end up painting in ways that are different, unexpected and entirely satisfying.

End of Knight
Paula's paintings are a celebration of the quintessential Canadian summer tradition of going to the cottage. Northern Ontario. The Canadian Shield. The sound of loons as the sun rises. The quiet slap of water on the dock. The briefest moment after the storm, when the water deposits rocks upon the shore and gently caresses them before settling down. And if a Dalek happens to appear or a certain smuggler encased in carbonate is washed up on shore, we'll just add another lawn chair around the fire and enjoy the sunset together.

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