Saturday, 21 September 2013

Doors Open 2013 -- Saturday September 28 and Sunday September 29

Marianne Morris

The Brass
Marianne will be teaching a class at the AGL on Saturday at 10:30 am.  She will also be demonstrating her work on both Saturday and Sunday.  Be sure to check the schedule at

Marianne will be teaching this painting on Saturday
Marianne Morris was a child when she discovered the power of images to communicate. Encouraged by a few special teachers, she continued to create through high school, and discovered life drawing in University. Convinced that painting was not a way to pay the bills, she pursued a career in commercial art, only finding her way back to painting when she had a child of her own who loved to create. She has since renewed her love of drawing the human form, and has focused her recent work on expressing her joy in all things musical. 

Traditional tools, supplemented with digital technology, stretch the possibilities for her images. Each painting starts with a photograph, drawing or a combination, and a piece of music. The backgrounds are painted intuitively, the soundtrack providing the inspiration. She uses whatever tool strikes her in the moment: sometimes paint is applied with a brush, but often it with her hands, a kitchen utensil, or something improvised. The photograph is used for reference as the form emerges from the background, final touches adding the details to the subject. 

Marianne has a BA from the University of Waterloo, and currently resides in Mississauga, Ontario.

Toni Poole
Toni  will be demonstrating her work on Saturday at 11:30 am.  Be sure to check the schedule at

Toni Cintar-Poole has been involved in different aspects of the arts for over 30 years; music and theatre as well as visual arts.  She has always been ready to share her experiences and knowledge with school children, teens and adults alike, whether as a vocal coach, or as a watercolour artist and instructor.  Toni understands what motivates one to want to learn something new.  She is a giving and sensitive teacher.  Her clear way of communicating sets students at ease.

She, herself, is a consummate student and is always stretching her own creative boundaries by taking classes and workshops to explore new mediums and subjects.  Until recently, she has painted exclusively in Watercolour.  Toni has been experimenting with Acrylics and Soft Pastel.  She has been privileged to take instruction with Acrylic and mixed media artist, Caroline Said-Lawrence while in Malta.  She considers this a highlight on her art journey.  
Watercolour paintings have intrigued Toni for a long while.  She was "hooked" at the age of 12, when she did her first ‘water-activated’ set of ‘grown-up’ pictures.  Art took second place in her life as she raised her family. 

In Toni's own words: 
The pure colours and inner light of a subject rendered in watercolour never fails to captivate me. 
God's beautiful creation is a constant source of inspiration.  Looking at everyday things I try to capture their unique beauty and colour whether it's a flower, figures, still life and yes, even a fried egg still in the pan!  Just putting pigment and water on paper and watching the magic makes me wonderfully happy.  My hope is that you will see that wonder and joy in my paintings.

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