Tuesday, 31 March 2015

"Pencil Crayons...Breaking Barriers and Mis-conceptions" -- Christine Johnson

May 5-30, 2015
Opening reception on Saturday May 9, 6-9 pm.

Always having a deep passion for art, Christine has developed and grown as an Artist in London over the last few years. Her works hangs in the Art Gallery of Lambeth, Westmount Art Centre and dozens of commissioned work hangs in homes in southwestern Ontario. Her work is widely displayed on line as "CJ Artwork" with thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram!
Her work shows her creativity and passion in her human portraits, endangered animal drawings, nature and spiritual works!

Using a unique perspective, angles and close-up images; she captures the overlooked and zoomed in intricate details of images in her work. Her one of kind iris eye portraits seem to grasp and convey a hidden universe or life within the individual eye. She brings awareness and love to the viewer with her variety of endangered animal pieces. Again, her technique of close-up detail expresses the animals’ strength and beauty in intricate details.

Using her medium of choice, the Pencil Crayon, she breaks the misconception and borders that pencil crayons are merely an amateur or an elementary medium that we all used when we were younger. As her skill develops, she consistently makes the viewer ponder and wow at the achievement of realism that is reached in her work. She also expresses a love for using ink, graphite, acrylic paint and charcoal in her work.

Expression in ones self in creating any piece of art is therapeutic, spiritual, fun and self-healing. Christine has begun sharing and teaches her mandala drawing classes at the AGL in a step-by-step class. As this is an art form that is very much unique to the individual, she teaches the basic, simple and relaxing pencil crayon tools and techniques so that any beginner artist can create their own beautiful mandala!"

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