Monday, 9 June 2014

Artist of the Month - Colleen Rintoul

Colleen has been writing since childhood. In recent years she has rediscovered her passion for photography.  Colleen feels an affinity with the natural environment of woodlands and wildlife.  Her visual interests include landscapes, minimalism, abstracts and night images.  She often photographs urban environments late at night.

She strives to capture the essence of the world around her with the composition and emotional impact of words and images.  For Colleen, writing and photographic art are the creative result of the mingling of heart and mind.

     Train Station 3 a.m.

  In the foggy night
Beneath pools of light,
  A vacant bench waits
 amid echoes of the departed
Who have taken their leave
 on passing trains.
They move on in time and place
 as moments here and gone,
linger on, in the memory
 of those left behind.

                  By Colleen B. Rintoul
                                    copyright 2009

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