Sunday, 4 May 2014

2014 London Studio Tour

A good deal of the magic of Vivian Tserotas' studio tours.....

Perhaps the lion's share of the magic.....

Comes courtesy of the way-cool art patrons that grace our gallery with their presence.

The conversations that ensue are at once cordial, educational and spiritually uplifting. We end up every bit as blessed as the art patrons, if not more so!

Vivian's studio tour concludes on Sunday, May 4 between the hours of 12PM-5PM. If YOU haven't already graced us with YOUR presence, please do so! We have delicious hot coffee and refreshments for you to enjoy while visiting with us. Oh, and did we mention that we're exhibiting a good number of scintillating textiles by the mega-talented Vivian?

We are located at 2454 Main Street in Lambeth.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry I couldn't make it out this weekend... Maybe next year. :)
    Good luck and have fun!