Friday, 18 April 2014

Awards for the 2014 Miniature Show

La-dies and gentle-men!

The third and final 'Honourable Mention' winner in our Art Gallery of Lambeth 2014 Miniature Show.....
With accompanying critique by OSA juror extraordinaire Cathy Groulx, to boot!
Our 'mini' show runs until April 26th, so please drop in for a visit.  The gallery is located at 2454 Main Street in downtown Lambeth.  I daresay that you'll find the works of the exhibiting artists to be both unconventional and beguiling.
On behalf of Art Gallery of Lambeth curators Vivian Tserotas and Brenda Morris,
PhiLiP s. SchMidTMember Artist • Art Gallery of Lambeth

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