Sunday, 24 March 2013

March Miniature Show

On Sunday March 10th, the AGL had the good fortune to have a beautiful spring day for their opening reception for their March Miniature Show and Sale.   Many joined us at the Art Gallery of Lambeth for an afternoon of warm drinks, good music, great company and precious miniature art work!  

The Art Gallery of Lambeth is pleased to announce their 3rd annual March Miniature Show.   The
exhibition will run from March 5 until April 6.

This year's exhibition was juried by Dr. Madeline Lennon, Professor Emeritus, and Department of Visual Arts at the University of Western Ontario.  Dr. Lennon was here to judge all the miniatures and present awards to the first place winner and 3 honourable mentions.

So just what is it that makes 'mini' artworks so
captivating? In an interview with American Art Collector Magazine, renowned
miniature painters Wes and Rachelle Siegrist explain it this way:

"Compared with conventional art shows, there is an
added appeal in a miniature art exhibition. It's the sense of wonderment and
awe, experienced by everyone present, as they are enchanted by these
diminutive jewels of the art world. You cannot casually walk by a miniature show or take
it in from across the room. Each work whispers for your intimate inspection and
rewards you when you take time to delight in it."

In our March Miniature Show, there is an array of mediums on display
for art patrons to take time to delight in:
* textile
* photography
*Mixed Media

We cordially invite you to visit us at 2454 Main Street in Lambeth.

For more details please visit the AGL website at
or phone us at (519) 652-5556. Also be sure to check out our Facebook page.

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